“Coffee is our daily pleasure, a real gift of nature to enjoy at its best. So why accepting to brew and drink someone else’s roasted beans?”

Coffee has always been our passion, it is part of who we are and our culture and we are lucky enough to have transformed this passion into a revolutionary concept that we are sharing with you.

We will help you to create your “coffee identity” at home, enjoying the unique roasting experience achieving your personalised, perfect brews.

Claudio & Mark


Owner of Roast Art and Co-owner of Roastart@home

Like true Italians, Claudio grew up at the whims of Espressos at his local Roman café. In his 20s, he found himself in the depths of a career in the food industry which spanned across two decades and many continents. As a leading food exporter, he learned about the coffee trade across many caffeine fuelled meetings.

In 2003, Claudio came to Australia on what was supposed to be a 6 month work project that never ended. Later, he discovered a missing concept in the Australian coffee scene providing the new experience for coffee owners to roast their own coffee, in their own premises and in front of their own customers, so Roast Art was born.

10 years of know-how later, together with his business partner Mark, they managed to recreate the same rewarding experience of roasting coffee but directly to coffee lovers like you in the comforts of your home. This is it: Roastart@Home.


Owner of Espress Group, Co-Owner of Roast Art & Roastart@home

Born in Australia, Mark came from a family of Italian migrants like others who had come to Australia in the 1950’s. His father had an Accounting firm based off iconic Lygon Street, Carlton. In following his footsteps, he studied and became an Accountant where he was introduced via clients to the coffee industry in the 90s and decided to leave accounting to pursue his passion for coffee instead.

In 2006, he started a coffee equipment repair shop with the help of his brother and father. Competition was high, and the industry was changing. The Australian scene was developing their own styles of coffee profiles made from creative roasters. During this industry shift he met Claudio in 2010 at a trade show. Claudio introduced him to his “Roast Your Own” coffee concept and Mark loved it. It was different and the industry needed it. Since then they are now working together on their latest concept – Roastart@Home which offers the same freedom of experimentation that they envisioned for Coffee businesses but for coffee lovers in their own homes.