Green Beans Discovery

Green Beans Discovery


The Green Beans Discovery is a monthly subscription of 3 x 300g rotating signature blends and fine single origin green beans. Each delivery you will receive a different coffee selection, carefully picked by our team amongst our variety and ready for you to roast at home.

Expect truly unique coffees from the world's premier growing regions such as Ethiopia, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Honduras and first choice on new releases!


Our green beans come packaged in our reusable 1-way valve Smart Bag. Each smart bag contains 300g of green beans perfectly matched to the 300g Mikrotop roaster drum and designed to be reused to store your roasted beans and keep them super fresh.

Each Smart Bag includes tasting notes and suggested roasting profiles.

We will dispatch the first order shortly after you have subscribed and then we will ship it every 1st week of the month.


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